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Celonis Product Documentation

Extractor Detail, Greenhouse


Any references to third-party products or services do not constitute Celonis Product Documentation nor do they create any contractual obligations. This material is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice.

Celonis does not warrant the availability, accuracy, reliability, completeness, or usefulness of any information regarding the subject of third-party services or systems.

Authentication and Permissions

The Ecovadis API uses OAuth2 for authentication. For a connection, the user must provide the API URL, username, password, client ID and client secret.

To create/configure API Keys in the Greenhouse system, users must be granted Can manage ALL organization’s API Credentials permissions in the Developer permission section.

Users with those permissions can then select Configure >> Dev Center >> API Credential Management to create API keys and configure which endpoints they can access. (Harvest API keys provide access to all data in their assigned endpoints.)

Used Endpoints, Talent Acquisition
  • GET: EV Data - retrieves sustainability ratings and ESG data for suppliers

  • GET: List Applications - List all of an organization’s applications.

  • GET: List Approvals For Job - List all of a job’s approval flows.

  • GET: List Candidates - ist all of an organization’s candidates.

  • GET: List Close Reasons - List all of an organization’s close reasons.

  • GET: List Job Openings - List all of a job’s openings.

  • GET: List Job Posts - List all of an organization’s job posts.

  • GET: List Jobs - List all of an organization’s jobs.

  • GET: List Scheduled Interviews - List all of an organization’s scheduled interviews.

  • GET: List Scorecards - ET: List Scorecards.

  • GET: List Sources - Lists an organization’s sources, grouped by strategy.

API Request Limits and Specifics
  • API requests are limited to the amount specified in the returned X-RateLimit-Limit header (per 10 seconds). Usually, the rate limit is 50 calls per 10 seconds. It is automatically (and dynamically for different limits, as well) taken into account by the Extractor.

  • Additional objects incl. demographics or equal employment data are accessible via Harvest API endpoints and can be flexibly added via the Extractor Builder configuration.

  • For customers using Greenhouse's onboarding product, the extraction/use case scope can be extended using the Onboarding API. For questions or requests around that, please reach out via ServiceDesk.