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Greenhouse Connection [Extractor Builder]


  • How does Celonis ensure that extractions do not have a negative impact on the productive Greenhouse system performance?All Celonis extractions are subject to Greenhouse API limits that prevent a negative impact on the source system through Celonis data extraction.

    Also, Celonis queries can be minimized through granular join and filtering options directly from the Celonis extraction UI.

  • Can I control if personal information from Greenhouse is shown in Celonis?Yes. Users can granularly control which information is extracted, at all, or subsequently pseudonymized.

  • How is Greenhouse data secured during extraction?Firstly, Celonis performs read-only operations on your Greenhouse data (NO updates, deletions, etc.). Secondly, data transfer from Greenhouse to Celonis is secured through HTTPS, ensuring an encrypted information exchange.

About Greenhouse

Greenhouse provides talent acquisition software to design and automate all aspects of hiring throughout an enterprise.