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Celonis Product Documentation

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Sample Use Cases
Talent Acquisition

Greenhouse provides talent acquisition software to design and automate all aspects of hiring throughout an enterprise. Current use cases incl.:

  • Application Cockpit:

    • Keep track of how many applications you receive over time and benchmark that number against previous periods'.

    • Analyze the development of applications per recuiter, office, job, etc.

  • Conversion Drill-Down:

    • Drill down on conversion rates to different stages of your application process and benchmark those for different dimensions, such as sources, recruiters and departments.

    • Get transparency on how long it takes to move applications to/from the first interview to hiring an applicant, as well as on the development of those KPIs over time.

  • Rejection Drill-Down:

    • Analyze rejection rates after specific application stages and compare them among sources, recruiters, departments, etc..

    • Uncover the most frequent rejection reasons, as well as the median time until applicant rejection across any organizational dimension.

  • Closing Performance:

    • Get immediate insights into the closing performance of your organization's recruiters for the current quarter (weighted by seniority of hired candidates).

    • Analyze the development of hires per additional dimensions such as entity and department.

Extraction Tables
Talent Acquisition
  • Extracted tables correspond with the used Greenhouse Harvest API endpoints listed here.