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Google Calendar Connection [Extractor Builder]

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The Google Calendar Extractor is based on the Extractor Builder. You can use the default Extractor provided by Celonis or use the Extractor Builder to customize the Extractor further, based on your needs.

Authentication and permissions

The Google Calendar API uses OAuth2. To connect, you need to provide a client ID and client secret.

Follow these steps in your Google Workspace to set-up a connection:

  1. Create a Google Cloud project

  2. Enable the Google Calendar APIs for this project

  3. Configure the OAuth consent

  4. Create access credentials

    1. redirect URI:

  5. Create a Google Calendar Connection in Celonis by adding the credentials.


The default Extractor allows you to call these endpoints:





Calendar List

Retrieve data about the calendar


  • Events

Retrieve data about events inthe calendar



Retrieve data about settings

API request limits and details

Visit the Google Calendar API documentation.