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Celonis Product Documentation

How do I extract data?

Within a Data Connection Data Job (not global Data Jobs) you can create Extractions once you set up at least one Connector for your Data Pool.

  1. For on-premise systems only: Set up an Uplink Connection .

  2. Set up the Data Connection within an existing or new Data Pool and make sure that this configuration is correct.

  3. Create a new Data Job within your Data Pool while choosing the wished Data Connection.

  4. Create a new Extraction.

  1. Tip: Conduct an Extraction test

    We recommend that you create a test Extraction in which you choose a table of which you know is small and execute the Data Job on just this table.

    This will let you test the Extraction fairly quickly.

  2. Add each table you want to extract.

  3. Set Filter Statements


    We recommend creating a table of all required tables for your own notes. You can add information on what kind of filters each table will need.

    1. When you use the same statements multiple times (e.g. a certain 'earliest date for data points' that you want to use for multiple tables) you can use Extraction or Data Pool Parameters which can be used across multiple tables or extractions.

Run the Extraction

Be Aware

Extracting Data will put load on the source system. Consider running big loads on the weekends or nights. At least it should be discussed with the responsible person of your company.

Depending on the data connection type, some settings can influence this impact on the source system (e.g. the number of parallel tables in SAP). This can be configured in the Connector Settings.