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Celonis Product Documentation

Monitoring of Data Pools

The Monitoring view helps you to get an overview of all Data Job executions within a team across Data Pools.

List of Data Job executions

The list contains information about all executed Data Jobs:

  • Start time: The start time of the Data Job execution

  • Data Pool Version: Data Pool Version on which the execution ran

  • Job name: The name of the Data Job

  • Schedule name: The name of the schedule which included the Data Job

  • Execution time: The approximate time of the Data Job execution

  • Status: The final status of the Data Job execution

  • Type: Whether the log entry is for a schedule or a Data Job

  • Pool Name: The name of the Data Pool containing the Data Job

The click on a list record leads you to more detailed execution logs for the selected Data Job. This list view can be filtered with the drop-downs above by status and schedule/non-schedule.

Custom Monitoring

The Enable/Disable Custom Monitoring button allows you to use the EMS analytics to monitor your Data Pipeline. Please click here for more details.