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Celonis Product Documentation

SAP Concur Connection [Extractor Builder]

Steps to set up a SAP Concur data connection

Step 1: Configure a user with sufficient permissions in SAP Concur

The following steps help you to set up a new user in Concur with the necessary permissions to use data extractions to Celonis.

  1. Login to SAP Concur.

  2. Go to Administration > Web Services.

  3. Click Register Partner Application.

  4. Click New.

  5. Assign a name and activate at least the following API rights for the application:

    1. Expense Report - Add, Approve, or Updated Expense Reports.

    2. List Items - Add, Updated, or Delete List Items.

    3. Travel Request - Add, Update or Delete Travel Records.

    4. Travel Approval - Approve or Reject Travel Itineraries.

  6. The "Application Authorization" part of the screen will give you the ID needed for establishing the connection.

Step 2: Allowlist EMS IP addresses


Follow this step only if your system is IP-blocked.

If your system is only reachable within a certain IP range, you need to allowlist the outbound IPs of the EMS, otherwise data cannot be extracted. The IPs of the EMS are different depending on the cluster (eu-1 or us-1). For the list of clusters and their IP addresses, see Allowlisting Celonis IP addresses.

Step 3: Create a Data Connection in a Data Pool
  1. Go to the Extractor Builder and select "Customize a Celonis Extractor".

  2. Choose the Concur connector and define a name for your extractor, e.g. SAP Concur

  3. In the next step check whether the url defined in the Get Token Endpoint field reflects the Authentication host of the application registered in SAP Concur.

    This information is included in the geolocation of the registered application (for example: for us based tenants)

  4. Finish the Extractor setup by clicking through the remaining steps.

  5. Go to data connection and select the Extractor that you have just configured.

  6. Enter the name for the data connection.

  7. Define the API URL. This is the API host of the application registered in the SAP Concur system (for example: https://www-us.api.concursolutions.comfor us based tenants).

  8. Enter the user name of the user connecting with the SAP Concur system.

  9. Enter the password of the user connecting with the SAP Concur system.

  10. Insert the Client ID of the application registered in the SAP Concur system.

  11. The Client Secret of the application registered in the SAP Concur system.

Data Extraction
Used endpoints
  • GET: Build Plan 

    • GET: Build Branch

  • GET: Deployment Project

    • GET: Deployment Environment

  • GET: Vendords 

Data Access

The Celonis Extractor performs read-only operations on your SAP Concur data. No writing changes (like updates, deletions) will be performed at any time during the extraction process.

Source System Impact

The Celonis Extractor is bound to the API call limits applied by SAP Concur, guarding the system from any performance issues.


Transfer of the data from the SAP Concur system to the target system is secured through HTTPS, which allows for an encrypted exchange of information.

Used API

The Celonis Extractor uses the standard REST API of SAP Concur (Link).